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‘What Makes a Bad Parent?’


The article discusses different scenarios  about legitimate ‘bad’ parenting situations (when should a child be removed from a home?), and not so bad; attention seekers with poor parenting decisions.

The first case is the most recent example with the Heene children.  (In case you live in a hole… this was the ‘phony crisis with the silver balloon hoax, where the parents now face felony charges.’)  Online polls have shown that the children should be removed from the home because of evident emotional abuse.  However, ‘Colorado’s [where they reside] state code is clear on what constitutes abuse or neglect that warrants removal from a home: cases in which “a child exhibits evidence of skin bruising, bleeding, malnutrition…burns, fracture of any bone…soft tissue swelling, or death,” or if the child is subject to “emotional abuse,” meaning “an identifiable and substantial impairment of the child’s intellectual or psychological functioning or development.” Throwing up on the morning shows is not prima facie evidence.’  Richard Heene’s lawyer makes a valid point ‘there is no evidence of that yet, and the emotional harm caused by storm-chasing with Dad is nothing compared with being ripped from the custody of your parents.’

I agree with the statement of Richard Heene’s lawyer,  the state realizes that even though the child’s parents are idiots, they have not yet put their children in inevasible danger.  Do you feel that the children should still remain in their home (and possibly seek counseling) while the crazy father  serves time?  Or should they be removed, and receive more emotional distress being taken away from the only home they know?

Another example in this article is about the poor New Jersey children named after a notorious dictator that was responsible for the death of millions of people.   Adolph Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, were removed from their home last year after a local bakery refused to put little three year old ‘Adolph Hitler’s’ name on a birthday cake.  Police took the children into custody soon afterward, (the assumption is the bakery called the police), however, police claim that their names were not the reason they were taken into custody.  What was the real reason?  There had been no evidence of neglect or abuse in the home, yet, these children still have not been reunited with their parents.  Is it right for the state to take these children into custody if there has been no evidence of abuse or neglect?  Or maybe we aren’t looking further into the situation, and there is evidence, but the ‘records remain sealed’ so we don’t have enough evidence to go by.  Do you think  the children’s names need to be changed? Should the parents receive custody of their children again?  What kind of distraught person names their child ‘Adolph Hitler’ to begin with?  I don’t know about you, but I doubt  many people in the world today would be accepting of another ‘Adolph Hitler’.

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  1. dpinz
    October 25, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I agree with the statement of Richard Heense’s lawyer, children shouldn’t be put in danger at any age. They don’t have the capacity to understand between right and wrong. If a young child is bring to this world in harm environment is more than possible that the child would became violent to society in the future. Parents need to realize that their kids are not toys. Yes parents should be punishing to put their kids on harm; kids are humans and for the same reason adults should be bring to justice. All these make a parent a bad parent; remember you don’t need to hit your kid to become a bad parent.

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