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The Ethics of Outsourcing Customer Service

This article talks about how whenever a product you have purchased starts to have a problem, you call the company and they send you to a customer service associate over in India or the Philippines. You can’t understand what the representative is saying and when you ask to be transferred to someone in the U.S., you are put on hold for a very long time and eventually hang up. Companies do this because slashing labor costs by 25% to 50% keep the sharreholders happy. Even though this may seem like the right thing to do in terms of business, I think it will hurt the business in the long run and it is unethical as well. This will hurt the business because treating customers like this will make them stop buying from you and it is unethical because nobody, whether they are a customer or not, should be treated in such a way that makes them feel unwanted and unappreciated.


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  1. tasingle
    October 25, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    I have recently been directly affected by this issue. After purchasing a new laptop computer, I immediately had an issue that prompted me to call customer service. I was quickly greeted by a person that obviosly spoke english as their secondary language. The person was very curtious and tried their best to create a clear understanding for me as a customer. Although it was hard for me to make out much of what they were saying initially, I eventually got it with a little patient. Sometimes, I think we are a little impatient as consumers but I can understand how someone gets upset when they pay x amount of dollars for a product and then have to deal with an American based companies customer support employee that is very hard to understand. I believe that as American’s we need to become more tolerant of people from other cultures and realize that we are not the only people on the planet. There are many more things that are worse than having to spend 5-10 extra minutes talking to someone in order to understand them.


  2. lindz617
    November 2, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    I work for a company and actually work at the customer service desk. Most of the problems that arise we can take care of in the store but there are times that we do have to call out to either the manufacturer or a phone line that is linked with our comapny to get extra help. I understand the fustrations of consumers when their product malfunctions so I attempt to call the “help line” myself and I do ususally speak to people from India, while this is fustrating at times, like the response above, there are worse things going on besides having to spend an extra couple minutes on the phone in order to understand them. I make the phone call as to not put the consumer through the process of speaking to someone that is not an english speaking individual to eliminate the fustration for the consumer and so we don’t lose thier business.

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