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Insurance Coverage

http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/health/2009/10/23/kaye.insurance.limbo.cnn This is a story about a woman who has an illness that makes her feel as if she has the flu every single day. The woman is not being covered by insurance for some reason. She is constantly fighting for some insurance coverage but is only covered for catastrophic events such as being hit by a bus. I find this so ridiculous and unethical. I have heard another story on the news this week about a baby who was not covered by its parent’s insurance company because it weighed too much. Is this real? How could an insurance company not cover an innocent new born baby that is maybe a little bigger but otherwise perfectly healthy. I suppose these stories bother me more because I have heard stories of people who have gotten plastic surgeries covered by insurance that were not necessary for any health reason but were simply done to enhance looks. I feel reformation is in the works for health insurance but I hope that the new system will help those who truly need it.

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  1. cwmoore11
    November 2, 2009 at 1:29 pm


    Insurance coverage is something that entails so much fine print, its not even funny. It is very important for people to read the fine print on insurance coverage. Insurance agencies need to be more explanatory on their client’s coverage. In this case, the woman who needs help must not have read the fine print. I am not taking her side, but I know she should have paid more attention to the agreement when it was originally stated. On the other side, the insurance agency has a duty to perform here. It needs to care for its clients and be sure they are aware of everything in their coverage.

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