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Should i fess up to lying on my Resume


This article is about this man lying in his resume and now is starting to feel bad because he has got the job and the employers are still not aware of his “untruth” as he calls it.  He lied about getting a double major in business and philosophy and instead he just took a lot of philosophy classes but not enough to get a double major.  He feels bad because he is one scared that the employer will catch him out later down the line and that this could cause the employer to either fire him or not trust him in the future.  The article is all about what he should do.  He wants to go for this promotion and does not know if he should bring this up.  There are certain views why he should or shouldn’t but most people feel that he should not because if the employers would find out now then they might fire them for being deceitful although if the employes have not found out by now then i feel that your home dry.

He should tell the employer because then this will show that he feels bad about the situation and that he could not lie for too much longer because he felt too bad about it.  He feels that he can’t go for the promotion in case the employers look more into his case and see that he lied about his degree.  If he tells the employers then this can show that he is mature and doesn’t want to live under a lie.  This shows that you are admitting your lie and that you could not live with it and wanted a clear conscious.

On the other hand he should not tell the employer because this will hinder his chances of the promotion that he is going for.  This is a huge aspect and that you should not lie on your resume because it makes you look untrustworthy and immature.  Bosses will wonder if they even want to keep this worker on the job because if he could lie about something like that then what else could he do.

What are your views on whether he should fess up or not???

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  1. yulianap
    October 22, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    I think that at this point of time when he is offered a promotion he should not tell his employer because I suppose the employer is pleased with his work and that is why he offers him a promotion. Of course, there will be always the risk that the employer can find the truth and probably that is the price you pay when you lie on your resume. If lying on the resume can be justifiable at all, it could be because sometimes people possess more capability and talent in reality but cannot prove it on papers. However, I don’t believe that it is the case these days. So don’t waste your time and the employer time with dishonest statements.

  2. rbrow123
    October 23, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I think that the employee should tell the employer about the lie. But instead of just saying that he lied, he should explain why he did it and what he learned from doing it. If the employer feels that the employee is still worthy of the raise, then he will get it. However, if the employee is demoted or fired, then he should just learn from this life lesson and use it to become a better person in the future. So, in a moral sense, the employee will be much better off to tell the truth.

    R. Brow

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