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Ethical Dilemma: Too much change?

Ethical Dilemma
The following article describes ethical dilemma of “too much money.” That is you’re at a department store, a grocery store, a restaurant – and the cashier gives you too much change. Should you keep it? “Primetime” set up hidden cameras in a New Jersey diner and gave the cashier a stack of extra $10 and $20 bills, to dispense along with the customers’ change, as if by accident. Over the course of two days, watched 46 different people were given too much change. What did they do? Some people that received an extra $10, noticed right away and returned the extra change right there at the cash register. Others – kept it and didn’t even hesitate to return it. According to the research, most of the people would return the money due to the believe of karma (what goes around comes around), others said “not my fault-they gave me extra money.” What would you do?
I think it is unethical to keep the money if it doesn’t belong to you. If you not agree with me, imagine you are a sales person and unintentionally gave extra money to a customer. Later on same evening you short $20 and now you will have to put this money from your pocket… How does that feels? Furthermore, knowingly not doing the right thing can have a small, but significant, effect on society. Once you start cheating on the little stuff, it’s easier to cheat on the bigger stuff. Therefore, it is also to keep what is yours and not to be tempted by an extra $20 because you never know how it can affect you later…

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  1. ykbriggs
    November 29, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    I guess everyone once experiences the situation like that. And I agree with an idea that what goes around comes around. It’s not your fault that someone gave you wrong change, but this extra few dollars wan’t make you happy, but will defiantly cause big problems for someone else. Just doing such a simple thing as giving extra change back can be a small contribution to improving our society.

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