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Commentary on ‘Little Brother is Watching You’

While I do not disagree with you that it is an invasion of personal space for management to consistently watch over you via tracking devices and video cameras in the office, I do not feel they are completely going overboard, and sometimes it is actually in the best interest and safety of the employees.

When a person is hired, you agree to work with your employer, and all the stipulations that come with the job.  However, I do feel that when one is hired, that the employer has the obligation to tell the employee before they start work, that there are tracking devices on the computer along with cameras in the common areas, so people are fully aware they are under careful watch.

One of my previous employers was brand new when I started working for the company.  Things changed as time went on, and eventually they added cameras to our office area and common areas, along with tracking devices to our computers.  We were notified ahead of time they were installing such devices, so I had no problem with this; and believe it or not, I actually felt a little more safe (in the event something went wrong), that there was another eye on us in the office.  (We essentially had no security at the time.)  The tracking devices, also essentially ‘told on’ the employees who were not doing work and getting by with the bare minimum, while other employees were consistently hard at work and did not want to ‘blow the whistle’, so to speak, on another employee.

So tracking devices aren’t always a negative thing in the office, more often then not, they are in the best interest of the employees.  I had no problem answering any questions my employer had about a recent Msn.com web search, because I had nothing to hide.  If an employee is using the web for a gain of more knowledge, or news, and maybe even a quick look at the scores of who won the game last night, nine times out of ten your employer won’t care.  So maybe employees  need to be a little more mindful of their valuable time spent on internet sites, because employers are usually looking for the employees that are spending all their time online, instead of getting their work done.

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