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America’s Christian Greed


Ran across this video on America’s Greed and thought it would be interesting to get others reaction to this video.


The lady feels that we as a nation wants to fix the economy but also believes the we are scared to fix the problem. America as a country is driven by self-interest for all which in turn will promote and benefit others due to trade etc. The video does not take a dig at capitalisim vs socialism but just expresses the views of the lady (representing herself).

The economy, like i said before, is self-interested and the character in the video believes that we shoul move to more of a collective method state of mind than to stay in this individualistic mind frame we are currently in.

Profit motive, private property, competition and companies are key features of a capitalistic structure and these seem to be the downfall of th economy. How are we suppose to stay capitalistic in nature when the things that make us who we are; are the same things that makes us not want to be who we are? Are we as a nation promoting socialism? We may not like the word socialism but thats the way we currently are in some aspects of our economy.
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