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Little Brother is Watching You

This article is about the workplace and who is watching over you.  Nower days there is no way that you know who is looking and watching every move you do.  There are video camera’s everywhere which makes you in the sight of others.  Bosses can know exactly what pages you have visited in work just because they have a mechanism on their computer which with one click that can go into your computer and see what you have been looking at.  This will be able to tell them if you have been working to your full potential or not.

If you have not emptied your trash can then bosses can look on your computer.  these days employees should make sure that they have done everything in there right mind not to get caught going on sites that they are not allowed. I think that it is unethical for employers to look through everything on your computer or in the real world what you are doing because this is not part of the business.  I feel that if you are doing your work well then i think that they should give you the benefit of the doubt!

I think that it is definitely unethical for employers to  look through everything that they have done because it is none of their business unless there has been a problem in which the police are involved or the companies reputation is in jeopardy.

What are your views.


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  1. kmcowles
    October 19, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    While I agree that i wouldn’t like people being able to see every single site that I visited, I do not think that this is at all an unethical procedure. Employers have to look out for themselves and be able to trace what their employees are doing. If foul play is going on during work, they absolutely have the right to know.

    Secondly, the computers being used at work are the emplyers computers, not the employees. The employees should not be abusing their privledges on other people’s property any way.

    If you do not do anything wrong on the computers, then you shouldn’t care whether they can see what you’ve been doing, since they couldn’t be mad about it anyway.

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