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Pay more to fix “imaginary” problems?

Here is the interesting story about service industries trying to increase their revenue through not exactly faithful means. This article tells about an economy student who made an experiment with car repair shops. Purposely, making some minor problems to his car and knowing what is wrong with it, he went to forty car repair shops to check it. In 10 out of 40 shops the student was told him that his car needs expensive and unnecessary repair. This experiment showed that we consumers are being basically robbed. As article continues, the same pattern we can extent on our medical and other services, when people just pay whatever they have to solve the problem. A lot of businesses like that play unfair games but still survive somehow, so how they can actually be stopped?

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  1. kherm
    October 26, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    By commenting this post, I am taking the broader view into account. The broader view expresses the standpoint that one has obligations not only to stockholder, but to all other people affected by this action.
    Therefore, it is one of the biggest problems in our society, that if you are not familiar with something you actually will be duped. There are so many examples for such behavior, like going to a garage concerning a car problem, buying insurance or going to a bank for a loan. For that reason, I assume that one could do this experiment in any business, still getting the same results. It is simply an ethical issue and the society as a whole has to change. In my opinion, it is impossible to set up rules which can avoid such behavior.

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