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Should You Collect for Your Kids at the Office?


The whole idea behind selling school related items at the office is to raise money for a cause that takes place at your children` s school. This is an easy way to have the families help their children with the school` s effort to fulfill gaps in the school` s budget.

However, people should think about those that actually don’t like to spend money for something that is worth nothing to them. Moreover, people should consider that not everyone can afford to spend money for it on regular basis. Furthermore, there are people that don’t have children and would never ask you to spend money on that cause.


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  1. rbrow123
    October 16, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    I agree that people should not be obligated to participate in these fundraisers. As the article says, it should be up to the kids to go out and raise the money instead of the parents doing their kids’ duty at work. With the current economy, many people don’t have any extra income to spend on fundraisers, and their refusal to buy should not be a negative impact on their moral standing. Based on all of this, I believe that fundraisers should be banned from the workplace in order to eliminate the possibility of conflicts of interests.

    R. Brow

  2. mamartin09
    October 16, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Fundraising is a major part of raising money for schools, churches, charities, and other non-profit organizations. Without fundraisers schools would suffer financial shortfalls, which in return would cause a shortfall in services they can provide. Fundraising is a group effort. Parents need to support what their kids are doing at school and help raise money for the activities so that their kids just don’t go home a sit in front of the television. This will also help the parents from putting out so much money on the activity for their kids such as the uniforms, pictures, and equipment. These fundraisers can also help purchase books and equipment for schools so that the kids can get a better education for their future. It is not the kids fault that they have to raise money because the state politicians can not use the tax money the correct way. It is also not safe anymore for kids to be going door-to-door anymore. Most of us don’t even know our neighbors anymore. The safest way is to take these fundrasiers to work, friends, and family. No one is making anybody buy anything. People who have a problem with fundraisers must not give money to charties and churches, they must only care about themselves. Many people who don’t have kids will not understand how inportant these fundraisers are until they have kids themselves. These fundraisers are all for a good cause and the kids are the one’s who will benefit and will hopefully one day remember what their parents did for them and will do the same for their kids.

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