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Who watches the watchdog?

Treasury and Fed failed in AIG oversight!

There is a very crucial and apparent ethical dilemma in the article linked above. When an agency is granted oversight in such a huge task as the bailout it is ridiculous that individuals and groups still try to cut corners. So my question is who is to watch the watchdogs? If an agency is overseeing another then who watches them and so on? This is American tax payers money to bail out huge businesses and their is still corruption going on.

As we have learned in our text the biggest problem with organizations and even government agencies is when something happens who is to blame? They just put the blame on a mid-level manager or stall the scandal until the media gets wind of something more appealing then they continue with their normal operations. Is is human nature to be inherently bad, if so then it is safe to say that no oversight was ever completely effective. Any thoughts?

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