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Texas and EPA Standards

Texas Heavy Industries worry about EPA crack down

The article, “Texas Heavy Industries worry about EPA crack down” is about how more stringent environmental standards are going to effect Texas’s big business. Last month in Texas, the states air-pollutions permitting program was scraped by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The state’s permits that allowed refineries to exceed limits in the short run as long as they complied in the long run were one of the things removed. These improvements will bring Texas in line with the clean air act.

This issue corresponds directly to the next chapter we are going to discuss in class. The issue is an ethic issue because although the new environmental standards will be better for the people in that area, the consumers may face higher prices and the businesses will face higher costs for pollution control. Is this a price that the businesses are willing to pay for a cleaner environment? I believe that it should be. Although costs to consumers will increase, it will not be as much as consumers may have to pay for hospital bills and medical problems in the long run. Higher costs for business will be a problem in the short run, however the effect of the new standards will stay with us for the long run which will increase well being.

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