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Chicago loses Olympic bid to Rio

This article is about the city of Chicago, who tries hard to be the host of the 2016 Olympics games.  The city is facing critical economic moments, and experts say that the city already spends 100 million dollars in a failed effort.

The main ethical issue here is that the city doesn’t have the amount of money to host the games in the first place. The issue is that the city would spend over 3 billion dollars to host the games. The games only would bring capital for couple weeks, and the city deficit would increase. We need to focus of getting out of the recession, not to distract all our focus for games the only be here for couple weeks. I know the infrastructure would be fix because the games, but right now we have more important thing to do than Olympics.   http://money.cnn.com/2009/10/02/news/economy/chicago_olympics_rejection/index.htm?postversion=2009100213

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