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Unethical Business in Healthcare

September 27, 2009


This article explains the growing concern by physician leaders over unethical business practices within the U.S. healthcare industry. Within the article it list the following six issues that physician leaders are concerned with: physicians refusing to accept calls on patients who don’t have insurance, influence exerted by medical device manufacturers, over-treating patients to boost income, influence by pharmaceutical companies, board members with conflicts of interest, and non-physician executive leaders with conflicts of interest.

A comment in this article that I find to be related to our class was made by one of the survey respondents, “The secondhand smoke-like effects of unethical business practices can cause ethical cancers to develop throughout health care.” I believe this statement is related to what we learned with the Milgram experiments that it is easier for people to engage in destructive obedience if they only participate in a fragment of an organizations wrong doing.

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